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Provincial's Message: January 2021

December 2019 2021-01-09 00:00:00

HAPPY NEW YEAR. The best is yet to come!!!

Of many around us, we leave the old behind us and look to the new;  a fresh start offering new opportunities and expectations. Year 2020 is gone, and the new year 2021 has come. Hope prevails in us which looks eagerly for a bright year. The past year is the year the whole world would choose to forget. The depth of damage caused in the past year is difficult to describe. The whole universe led a life which they never imagined or prepared.

The best is yet to come. 2021 would be of new joy, new promise. It will be the year of new opportunities and possibilities. People need opportunities to start with; opportunities to grow, to live, to express and to be of their own. All look forward to using this opportunity without fear.

In this line, an attitude of conversion is an “opportunity”. Conversion is a response to an invitation given by God to use the opportunities of growth and change. Conversion creates an opportunity to make a U turn and come back to our God, a way back to our neighbours and a way back to ourselves. It is our response to our God given potentials. Moreover, conversion is a new beginning. The gospel of the new year is that we get an opportunity to start everything anew. We get an opportunity to regain the lost friendship, restore broken relationships to recall forgotten prayer and to be an effective person in the world.

Mary at La Salette came to announce this opportunity. She said, “if you are converted..”. With a condition he was inviting her children to spiritual and material prosperity. In each conversion, this condition is the prerequisite. This is the way of a mother. Mothers call their children always with a promise. It is indeed nostalgic to think of the joyful promises our mothers that the best is yet to come on the way.

Through her apparition at La Salette, Mary was trying to encourage and strengthen us. As a simile, she assumed the role of the gardener, who bargained with the owner of the garden to manure the barren fig tree and see if it produces the fruit. ..and he answering said unto him, Lord, let it alone this year also, till I shall dig about it, and dung it:” (Luke 13;8)

Through her messages she was digging around and placed the manure of conversion. It is up to us to make good use of it. To produce the fruit that God expects of us is a challenge and at the same time our responsibility. The fruit is the fulfilment of our life. It is through our fruits, the people recognise us who we are, as we recognise trees from their fruits. she firmly believed that the best is yet to come.

On New Year’s Day, January 1, the Church honors Mary, the Mother of God. She carried Jesus to the world. With her unconditional faith, our Blessed Mother saw the love of God in the sorrowful, the ordinary, and the joyful. She who placed her trust in God saw his glory in everything. Mary offers a wonderful guide for our year ahead. Immerse yourself in God’s love and respond to his presence and grace by bringing that love to others.

This year is dedicated to St. Joseph, who was the protector of Mary and Child Jesus. He teaches us how God is working in your life with those around  us and resolve to let God shape our heart to be more generous and loving. Focussing on the life of St. Joseph with the eyes of faith and hope, we will know God’s presence in our daily life and it will bring us peace. He believed that the best is yet to come. 

I conclude with the words of modern mystic Thomas Merton, We are not converted only once in our lives but many times and this endless series of conversions and inner revolutions leads to our transformation.”

Once again, wish you all a Happy New Year. Remember, The best is yet to come.

Fr. Sajive Maliakal MS

  Provincial Superior

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