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Provincials Message - September 2020

December 2019 2020-09-21 00:00:00

"La Salette- An Appeal to the Renewed Consecrated Life"


At the very outset I wish you all HAPPY FEAST OF OUR LADY OF LA SALETTE.

We, the La Salette Missionaries observe the Jubilee year of the apparition of our Blessed Mother, at La salette from 19th September 2020 to 19th September 2021 that encapsulates the graceful occasion of the 175th Anniversary of apparition.

On this occasion of God’s grace through the Beautiful Lady, I try to reread the event, message, and spirituality of La Salette in the context of our consecrated life to deepen ourselves in the focal points of her messages and spirituality of La Salette. It is an attempt to see what Bl. Mother expects from us, under whose patronage and remembrance of the apparition our congregation is founded.

The first reflection I receive from this whole event of apparition is that Blessed Mother, with her tears, was “intervening” in our life and in the life of the world as she intervened in Wedding event at Cana. To put it in another term, the La Salette event is the voluntary intervention of Blessed virgin Mary in the history of humanity. I used to wonder who initiated this whole ‘visit’? Is it heavenly Father, the Creator, initiated her to visit His children and remind them of His bountiful love? Is it Jesus, who asked His mother to visit his brothers and sisters in the world? Or was it a spontaneous reaction of a Mother, recognizing the signs of the time? Until then, though there had been traces of private revelations of Blessed Mother, a recognized apparition of Bl. Virgin Mary was unheard of.

I would rather conclude and believe it was a “natural and spontaneous” response of a loving Mother, who was concerned about the life of her children. Three-fold reasons substantiate this belief:

·        She greeted the children lovingly calling them, “come near my children” (an act of humble invitation, characterized by the tenderness of a mother)

·        Her message in tears reflected that of a Mother (she is seamlessly concerned about us)

·        Her words were of a Mother (the tone and nature of message was that of a loving Mother to her children)

Thus, Mother Mary, commissions us to “intervene” in the given circumstances. We are consecrated to intervene unconditionally in the lives of the people, without any invitation or command. We are precisely set apart for a spontaneous reaction to make difference in the lives of the people and in the world.

Secondly, Religious, in particular, has always a prophetic vocation. The prophet proclaims the “today of God” for people. This “today of God” is often sharp in contrast with the temporal world. In this sense, Mary at La Salette, proclaimed the “today of God”. As religious, we persuade people by our whole existence that we are interested in God. Following the footsteps of the prophets, we are called to take the side of the Word of God and the Will of God in this world.

As a part of introspection, I think, slowly we lose this aspect of spontaneity. We are restricted or scared of because of the changing situations of the world. We fail to become prophets. We are more of safe zone players and comfort seekers.

Mary teaches everyone to abandon themselves to God, joyfully to proclaim ‘Magnificat’ and to become involved with God in the salvation history, especially on behalf of the poor and lowly. Pope Francis presents Mary, “as our spiritual mother, Mary still leads us to Jesus, and she helps us as we lead others to know and love her Son. She helps us find Christ’s peace and sow that peace in our hearts, our homes, our communities and our world.”

Similarly, at La Salette, she lovingly calls us ‘my children’ and sows the seeds of ‘reconciliation’. Inspired by her message let us go to the peripheries of the world, ‘to intervene’ and ‘to make a difference' in the life of the world with a ‘natural and spontaneous’ way of life. God bless us all through the intercession of Our Lady of La Salette. 



"Make this known to all my people"

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